The early bird catches the worm so the saying goes. In essence success comes to those who prepare well in advance and put in the effort. It therefore goes without saying that early planning is key to bagging that big bargain and having a stress-free holiday.

The December holidays are a few months away and we at Bountiful safaris are giving you an opportunity to take advantage of great rates and book the vacation you want before prices go up or sell out. Hotels, Lodges and Airlines are now releasing their December and Christmas availability and rates. Airlines and travel agents will all recommend the earlier the better when it comes to booking your trips for this Christmas and New Year’s season.

Here we round up five of the best reasons why you should book for your Christmas holidays NOW.

1 Cheaper airfares

Airlines want you to book early and even offer the option to pre-book your seats giving you the ability to select seats to your liking. It is very much a first come first served basis, so early bookers get priority. You also get the exact flight you want without worrying about the seats selling out.

Early booking also enables airlines to plan their services and manage busy travel periods. Chances are you will also get a much cheaper rate as experience shows flight prices are generally always cheaper months before take-off. It is also worth bearing in mind that prices can rise significantly the closer to travel you leave it especially more so during the high seasons such as Christmas.

2 Better Hotel availability and rate

Hotels, resorts and lodges often offer the cheapest rates in advance to entice travelers to book early. A shrewd traveler can take advantage of this opportunity by snapping up one of the many incentives on offer. Travel companies will offer an array of enticing deals to get you to booking early.

Offers such as double-figure percentage discounts on advertised prices are not uncommon. Some hotels offer resort credits to put towards your stay.

Finding attractive offers for last-minute holiday packages is highly unlikely, so booking early is without doubt the surest way to get the tastiest deals.

3 Buy now pay later

Booking early gives you the opportunity to plan and budget over a longer period of time. Early bookers can benefit from special payment arrangements. For example, if you book a package holiday for December now, you will only initially have to pay a deposit with the outstanding balance being paid as late as four weeks prior to departure. This option gives you plenty of time to save up for your balance and gives you a chance to budget effectively.

Bear in mind that for peak travel times such as the December Christmas holidays, it is almost impossible to take advantage of offers unless you book way in advance.

4 Lots of choice

Booking early gives you a wide range of options as to where and when to go. By planning December’s trip now, you get to choose the exact travel date, select the ideal safari destination and choose the hotel that ticks all your boxes. This also gives you the time to consider what actually constitutes the best safari experience for you.

Are you looking to stay in a hotel, for instance, or maybe you may want to try a tented safari camp.  Either way rooms in the best hotels get snapped up fast, particularly during the Christmas period. Tented safari camps tend to take a limited number of guests and chances are they will be fully booked well before December.

Are you traveling as a family? Booking early gives you an opportunity to snap deals such as the limited free child spaces typically offered by tour operators. You also get to  have your pick at the best family-friendly hotels, beaches, lodges, restaurants and other attractions.

Booking early, will give time to think carefully and pick just the right place – something that will unquestionably determine how much you enjoy your holiday.

5 Something to look forward to

While there are plenty of practical reasons to book your holiday in advance, the simple fact that doing so gives you something to look forward to, is an equally compelling reason. Booking early ensures you have months of excitement ahead of you – the build up to your holiday is definitely just as much fun as the holiday itself. If you book late you may never get to savor that happy feeling.